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Learn more about the refining process and get the education you need to ensure the highest return on your scrap.

Starting a Scrap Program

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    This webinar will help you understand the value of precious metal scrap.

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    Advice for laboratory owners seeking to sell scrap metals.

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    Tony Circelli tells Inside Dentistry how to turn scraps into cash for profit.

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Selecting and Working With a Refiner

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Think Refining Around the Lab

You will find scrap in many different shapes and forms around the lab. Precious metals can come from a variety of areas:

  • Grindings from benches and drawers
  • Sweeps from the floor (especially in the casting area)
  • Spills and debris (slag) from the casting well areas
  • Vacuum system debris (including the vacuum bags)
  • Platinum foil scrap
  • Platinum muffles and Thermocouples in obsolete equipment

Also be sure to:

  • Save your sink traps
  • Vacuum your entire work station, cleaning lights, cracks, crevices, chairs and shoes
  • Place carpets at the entrance and exit of finishing areas to collect grindings and dust
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Think Refining Around the Office

Collect any precious metal scrap explanted within your practice. Yellow crown and bridge material can include a broad range of gold content in addition to other precious metals such as platinum, palladium and silver. Send in scrap that you might have placed in a jar from the following procedures:

  • Crowns or bridges
  • Screws
  • Inlays
  • Gradings
  • Partials
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Three Reasons You Should Cash Your Scrap in on a Regular Basis

Accountability – Scrap has no value to you until it is refined. Regular, frequent shipments allow you to keep track of your assets.

Liquidity – Precious scrap is not liquid until you cash it in. Raw scrap collects dust, not interest.

Security – Scrap stashes are not insured. Insurance companies will not reimburse in the event of fire or theft.

Sign up for our Refining Materials Autoship Program to make it easy to stay on top of it!

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