Kulzer Precious Metal Refining

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We've got you covered, no matter how much scrap you need to refine. Choose from a variety of weight capacities - from five ounces to three hundred pounds--at no additional charge.

Get started in just 3 easy steps!

Step 1 – Choose Your Packaging & Frequency

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Select the container(s) and we'll ship them with preprinted UPS airbills for you to send out with your UPS shipment.

Choose the frequency at which you want to receive these shipping materials. Our Refining Materials Autoship Program makes it easy!

Note: You DO NOT need to send scrap with Kulzer shipping materials. Feel free to use your own shipping materials for immediate delivery. If you issue a pickup with us by phone or online, a UPS representative will bring a pre-addressed UPS label on the date you request.

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Select at least one shipping container option.

Blue Box (50900007)
Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 2.75"
Capacity: 5 lbs.

Drumette (50900008)
Dimensions: 8.3" x 7.5"
Capacity: 15 lbs.

30-Gallon Drum (50900019)
Dimensions: 30" high
Capacity: 300 lbs.
Pre-Addressed Mailer (50900002)
Dimensions: 6" x 3" x .5"
Capacity: 5 oz.

15-Gallon Drum (50900009)
Dimensions: 16"
Capacity: 150 lbs.

Refining Materials Autoship Program

Make it easy to remember to submit your scrap to receive the highest returns! Schedule your desired shipping materials to be sent to you automatically at your desired frequency.

(Please allow 1-2 weeks from today. We will do our best to meet your needs.)

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Step 2 – Enter Your Shipping and Contact Information

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Fill out the Kulzer acknowledgement form (PDF)

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Step 3 – When Your Shipping Materials Arrive

To complete your request, simply:

  • Insert your materials into shipping container*
  • Enclose the completed acknowledgement form (PDF) (be sure to keep a copy for your records)
  • Secure the package and affix the pre-addressed airbill provided
  • Drop off at a UPS store/drop box, or contact UPS at (800) 742-5877 to pickup - at NO COST to you!

Within 7-10 business days, you'll receive the settlement funds requested.

Kulzer Precious Metals Refining guarantees fair market value for your precious metals (gold, platinum, palladium and silver). Settlement is based on the London PM prices on the day of assay valuation. You can be paid in either gold and silver investment coins, or with a check in the mail.

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See how much more you can receive by refining with Kulzer.

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