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Refine direct with Kulzer.

As one of the world's largest private refiners, we use state-of-the-art technology to heat, melt, separate, and analyze your precious metals using a Triple Core Analysis process to determine the amount of precious metal in your scrap. We then provide a full assay report utilizing the ICP-AES method to give you the highest return possible.

Don't lose money to the middleman.

While cash-on-the-spot services and refiners who promise 24-hour turnaround time offer quick money, they typically value your scrap at a very conservative estimate—especially for yellow and white-looking metal, where there can be a broad range of gold content.

The only way to truly determine precious metal content is by melting it down first. As a direct refiner, we'll provide you with a complete four element assay report that guarantees you an accurate and fair estimate on the total value of your precious metals.

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